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December 31, 2009

Happy new year everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the "blue moon" we are experiencing for the last day of 2009. It only comes around every 19 years or so. Maybe this will bode well for the year ahead. I know it's been a tough one for a lot of people. I haven't updated in a few months and some Facebook haters have asked me to post some new stuff since they refuse to friend me. I guess it is a little ridiculous. The one good thing that has come out of the Facebook frenzy is that I was able to reconnect with an old friend from Melrose Park after 30 years or so. Hi Larry! Glad that we were able to reconnect after all this time. It really is amazing.

It was great to see him and brought back a lot of memories for me. Especially at this time of year when I think about the people who are no longer here and all the changes that have taken place. Time marches on right? I am looking forward to another year but I can't be but be a little nostalgic. Writing 2010 on things just seems a little bit science fiction. In 100 years people will be writing 2110, or maybe touch screening as writing will be obsolete? Maybe just thinking it telepathically?..but I digress.

I will post some more mind numbingly boring vacation pics for your amusement. Florida at Christmas was very warm this year. I got to see some old friends and reconnect with family so it was a good trip. I hope you had a great holiday yourself and thanks for stopping by. I'll chat with you soon!

isn't he cute? Lorenzo getting bigger by the day.

Lisa, Billie, and Gianna opening gifts

it's a Star System coven reunion. Jodi, Laura, Jenn, and me

one hot grandma! Little Alex makes his debut

Jenn and Hunter

Lorenzo with a cuban cigar

Here's Gaby looking hot

Beth and Samantha

me, Brie and Holland

me and Billie

Barry and Ronnie celebrating

sorry vegetarians!

Eddie and Lorenzo

Annita and Lorenzo Christmas Day

Denise and Carlos

Julie and John

Scott and Annita



July, 2009

I hope everyone has been having a great summer so far. I also post on Facebook so I've been lax with my site. I wanted to update here with some new pictures of my beautiful nephew Lorenzo. Denise and the family came out for the 4th of July holiday and they did the whole San Diego tourist thing. It was great to see them and spend some time with Lorenzo. My mother would be so proud to see what a great mom Denise is.

I also had another house guest earlier when Alisha came out for a few days. We invented a new drinking game that we played on the deck. Everytime Southwest lands you do a tequila shot. Between that and rounds of mexican bingo we had a great time. I will post a few of those pictures too.

The proud auntie!

Denise in Old Town

Denise and Gaby in Old Town

What a cutie!

Carlos and Lorenzo at the zoo

Gaby and Lorenzo at Balboa Park

Lorenzo enjoying ice at the park

I don't think he liked this too much!

The fabulous Alisha in Encinitas

Barry made paella in Alisha's honor. It was awesome!

Checking out the surfers


May 9, 2009

May 9, 2009 a day that will live in infamy. On this day I gave up my singlehood and entered into the sanctity of marriage with Barry. We decided to do it in Vegas the Elvis way. After much research we went with the "Hound Dog" package at the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel. It's unbelievably easy to get married in Vegas. Just get your license and go! Rather than write the whole thing out I'll let the pictures tell the story. A great time was had by all and I'm very happy!

Here we are at the county clerk's office getting the license.

After we got the license we went to the old downtown area called Freemont St. What a trip! Some excellent people watching and video poker. They had a huge KISS light show which was pretty hilarious.

Check this out!


Here's Barry taking it all in.

Pretty cool, huh?

You've seen this guy before right? Ok.. I'll move on to the main event.



Saturday afternoon at 3pm we pulled up to the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel for the big event

We had to hang out in the lobby for a few minutes before the ceremony


I used the time to check out the souvenirs. The tux in the background was available for rental for $45. Luckily, Barry had a suit and we didn't need it. Notice the rings for $5!

Right before the ceremony these two lovely british girls wandered into the chapel and asked if they could watch the festivities. Of course I said yes and asked them if they wanted to be my witnesses, Girls, if you see this friend me on Facebook under "Diane Ray DePasquale". You girls were so sweet!

Here's Elvis walking me down the aisle. Unfortunately, there's a stupid camera in the way. I will have some other pictures from the chapel that will show this part better.

Here's Elvis handing over the bride.

Smile for the camera!

Look we did it!

Elvis now pronounces us man and wife so we can leave the building

whoooo hooo! break out the champagne



It's great to see your name in lights!


After the wedding festivities and an awesome dinner at Mario Batali's restaurant B&B, we went to the Rio to see Penn and Teller. The show was awesome and they hang out afterwards to meet the fans. Here I am barely containing my excitement at the prospect of getting my program signed. Barry took these with his Blackberry.

What a great brush with fame!  Yes, I wore the tiara the entire day.

We hated to leave the fabulous Venetian. It was an amazing weekend! Thanks for your well wishes!


March 29, 2009

I just realized that I haven't updated this recently and I'm embarassed to say that I have been sucked into the black hole vortex of Facebook. I'm now updating and sending Gifts from South Florida's Past to aggravate all of my friends and people I haven't been in contact with in 20 years. It's been a trip to catch up with people and see where everybody is at in their lives. Interesting stuff! If you haven't "friended" me yet please do so.

Not much new on the home and job front. I am looking forward to spring and I'm planting herbs out on the deck. My thumb is not quite green but I'm trying. Weather here has been a little bit on the chilly side so I'm looking forward to things warming up. I hope all is well in your world and we'll catch up in cyberspace when I have some interesting news.


January 25, 2009

I'm back from a few days in the frozen tundra of Massachusetts and Chicago and I give anybody who lives there full time a lot of credit.This Florida girl was freezing! Snow is fun to visit for a little while but I can see people flipping out after three months of the stuff. I was in Lenox, MA at the fabulous Canyon Ranch resort doing a series of tapings with some of our authors. Nice work if you can get it let me tell you!

We were taping during Spirituality Week and it was a blast. I'm posting some shots of the property because it was so beautiful. It's also funny to see me in a parka:) enjoy!

This is the road leading to the check in. It was clear and cold but really beautiful.

The main house was once the Bellfontaine Mansion. The whole complex is really great.

I originally bought that wool coat in Austin years ago. It hasn't seen the light of day until this picture.

Here's Summer in sweat pants! We went inside shortly after this shot..freezing!

Here's our amazing panel of hosts: Jonathan Ellerby, who is an author and also the Spiritual Director at Canyon Ranch, Life Coach extraordinaire Cheryl Richardson, an spiritual teacher and author Joan Borysenko who is the coolest. I'm on the side trying to look intelligent as the moderator! The clients at the Ranch really enjoyed the broadcasts so hopefully we can do some more. The massages and body treatments are pretty awesome too!

Kyle our Chief Audio Engineer and his wife Kate aren't they cute?

Jonathan and Joan signing some books after the taping

another great shot of the property


here's George in his little kitty bed


January 5, 2009

Well here it is the first post of 2009. Seeing it in print is a little surreal but I'm looking forward to it.

I have a few new pictures to post and I want to introduce the newest member of the family. I've adopted a furry son we decided to name George. He needed a regal name and it's also a slight homage to the recently departed George Carlin. Here he is making his web site debut.

He's called a Lilac Point Siamese Mix but we call him George. What a cutie! Since I don't have kids my friends and family will be tortured by "cute kitty" shots. You've been warned!


I like this place I think I'll stay!

We had a great visit with Barry's brother Bruce and his wife Judith. Here are the guys enjoying a nice martini

Judith and I enjoying a day at the zoo. We actually had nice weather this day. The fog rolled in for the rest of the trip

Notice the look of terror on Judith's face on the Skyfari ride. How high is that thing anyway?

Barry toughed it out despite a cold. Hang in there big guy!

Barry waiting for the decongestant to kick in


December 29, 2008

It's getting down to the wire for 2008 and I know a lot of people are happy to see it go. It's been a tough year for a lot of friends of mine and I know that things will turn around in 2009. At least OJ is in jail and Obama is in the White House so we have that going for us. I just got back from Florida where I had an action packed Christmas with my little 15 month old nephew. I am exhausted and to all you people with small children I don't know how you do it.

Barry and I had a great time and I will post the pictures here for your enjoyment. Be warned if you have a problem with roasting meat or are a queasy vegetarian you might not want to look at some of the shots. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Here's Barry with the unfortunate victim of the roasting.

Here's the roasting box called a Caja China. Insert pig and wait six hours

Here's my brother in law Carlos marinating Wilbur in orange marinade, garlic, and other assorted spices.

Here's the finished product. Porkalicious! oink, oink


Here's Carlos digging in. It was actually damn good!

Here's one happy guy going into a food coma

Billie and I enjoying  few Cosmos


Ok, enough of the food. Now on to some cute Lorenzo baby pictures

One of his many cute toys

Lorenzo at Hollywood Beach


Exhausted little guy!

November 7, 2008

I have been busy the past few weeks so I thought I would take a minute and update the site to let you all know what I have been up to. First of all some sad news. Last week I had to put Cleo down after 20 years. I was a wreck of course and cried like a baby. She had been with me through a lot and traveled from Florida to California and all points in between. The house feels very empty without her and I miss her the most in the morning. She was a good kitty and was in remarkably good shape until recently. RIP Cleo, you were a great companion. Here is a recent picture of her drinking from her favorite water glass.


I have been slacking on my picture posting so I will try to catch up a little bit. I needed to get away after the depressing day of going to the vet so Barry and I drove out to Arizona for Halloween weekend. I spent some time with Wendy and the kids and it was great to hang out with them. Keenan and Lucy are all grown up now which is a little freaky. We went up to Jerome for Halloween night and I had a great time. It's been a while since I dressed up or anything for Halloween so it was a lot of fun. I forgot how much I used to enjoy it. I'm still a kid at heart. Warning, here comes another series of vacation, family type photos. If you're looking for excitement you're at the wrong page.

Here we all are in our Halloween best. That is my geisha girl costume, pretty cool right? That's my attempt to look asian. Sorry in advance if anyone is offended. Barry called my get up "disturbing"

Barry was "Joe the Plumber". Not many people in Jerome got the joke but I thought it was pretty funny. Barry is thinking "why are you making that stupid face?"


Go Obama! We were both very happy with the outcome of the election. Here's Barry doing some pre-election celebrating with our future President.

Check out the orbs in this picture. I was right in front of the Jerome Hotel when I took this shot. As the story goes the hotel used to be a hospital for the miner's in town and a lot of people died there during the time the mine was active. There have been a lot of ghost sightings at the hotel and people have heard gurney's rolling down the hallways at night. Some people believe that when orbs show up in pictures that it can be evidence of spirit activity. Other people ( like Barry) say that it's just an overexposure when the picture was taken and it doesn't mean anything. I'll let you be the judge. I have no idea who the guy in the picture is but behind him is a guy in a gorilla suit and that's who I was trying to take a picture of.


Here's some people partying in front of the hotel. The whole town turns out for Halloween it's pretty wild.


Here's another bar in town called TheSpirit Room. It used to be a brothel in the old mining days. You can make out a few orbs up by the ceiling but they are not as distinct as the orbs in the other picture. It could be the spirits of some old prostitutes who used to work there. Or it could be just an overexposure from the bad light. I choose the more dramatic explanation of course.


Earlier this summer Elizabeth and I went to this country councert for her birthday. Check out the hat! yeee hawww! We had a great time at the show. ( Martina McBride if you're curious)

alcohol must be consumed to listen to lot's of country music!


Laura stopped by the recent "I Can Do It" conference in Tampa in October. It was great to see her and catch up. Here we are in the hotel enjoying a libation.

The "I Can Do It"conference wouldn't be complete without some audio engineer hi jinks. Here's Mitch striking a pose during some intense pool competition in the hotel bar.

Here's Kyle and Steve doing the happy dance

Here's Summer going for a shot during the pool tournament. Wait a minute...could that be the same vest that Mitch was wearing in the earlier picture? I believe it is!



I was amazed when I was able to grow roses on my deck. Here is a picture of my white ones going crazy.

pretty amazing!

Here is my co worker and office mate Emily during the Hay House Invitational golf tournament. We lasted nine holes and ended up at the clubhouse.

Emily is stepping out with her snazzy golf attire!

Look! The hat makes another appearance on the golf course. Thanks for checking out the pics! More to come so stay tuned.



September 13, 2008

Hello again! I have a little news to post here. I was just in Florida recently to see my little nephew Lorenzo and celebrate his first birthday. I narrowly missed a hurricane which ended up heading out to Texas. It's amazing how much kids grow in just a year. He is the cutest, smartest baby in the world of course.

Work has been crazy since I am getting ready for another big Hay House event in October in Tampa. It's another "I Can Do It" conference from October 3rd to the 5th so anyone in the area is welcome to stop by. Let me know if you want to make a trip to the conference and I'll hook you up with tickets. We will also be broadcasting a live video stream online of all of the radio panels from the stage so I'll post the log in info so you can check it out. It's a fun event and I always enjoy doing these. It reminds me of the big events we used to do back in the rock radio days. Not as big as the Big 106 Toy Run but still a lot of fun. ( Sorry Brie, Big 105.9)

I am posting some pics from Lorenzo's birthday party on September 6th when he celebrated one year of life on the planet. Many more to come! I am really looking forward to my future Auntie Mame status and watching him grow. How soon can he start mixing my martinis?? (preferably chilled Grey Goose vodka, a little dirty with a big, fat olive) I hope all is well in your world and as always thanks for stopping by my little piece of real estate on the web.

Gaby, Carlos, and Denise help him blow out the candle. That's Danielita on the right isn't she cute? Lorenzo's little cousin. It was a Winnie the Pooh theme if you're wondering about the ears.


the classic cake in the face shot

a food fight ensues

Denise gets caught in the crossfire

Gaby, Lorenzo, Amanda, Gianna, and Anthony waiting for the pinata

the happy family

Enjoying one of his fabulous gifts

Check out the remodeled kitchen! Lisa, Gianna, Billie and Amanda. That's Eddie in the background looking intense.


Carlos is thinking "this was so much fun let's have a few more kids"!! Denise is thinking "Hell no!!"

Look at that face! So cute!


August, 2008

Pretty hot here..not a lot of news. Let's skip over this one shall we? I believe I posted the same thing last August.


July 13, 2008

Just getting caught up here for regular readers of this page. June was pretty crazy with birthdays all over the place and another fabulous "I Can Do it" event in Las Vegas.

Hi to Lisa, Billie and Felicia who celebrated some birthdays there and partied like rock stars. If you guys read this send me copies of the pictures you took of us there and I'll post them. I hardly have any pictures from Vegas since it was such a blur. Happy birthday to me (June 27th) and in honor of that I won $150 at roulette. A story I told over and over again that weekend.

4th of July was pretty laid back just hanging out at home. We can see fireworks from our deck so that's where I spent the holiday. We had a nice little gathering but nothing too crazy. I hope everyone had a break before jumping back to work.

Since I'm too lazy to write anything else ( and since I have no really good dirt) I'll just post some pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

Here's the view we saw from the deck but I was unable to get any great pictures of the fireworks. You get the idea.


Here's proof that I was able to grow roses on my deck. A fully blooming Louise Hay tea rose! I I seem to be having luck with plants out here. I also am growing herbs and a few other things. Next year I will try tomatoes and maybe some peppers.


This picture is for Denise who wanted to see the hummingbirds. We have a whole army of them that visit frequently. They are so cute! Very tricky to get a picture of one but this came out pretty good. Hummingbirds are good luck! ( I think so anyway)

Here's a picture of Cleo just to prove to people that she is still alive. I did the math and she is going on her 18th year. I poke her occasionally to make sure she is still breathing! She loves her new digs and takes many naps on the couch.

Here's Kelly and Holly enjoying a recent happy hour. Bring on the cheese!

Here is our new incredible TV and radio stage for HayHouseRadio.com. This is John Holland and Lisa Williams doing an interview with Summer. We actually look really professional now it's a little scary. The video aspect this year was a little nerve wracking but we pulled it off.

This is Emily poking her head out from the "Green Room"

This is what happens when you tell audio engineers to "smile for the camera!" Our crack engineering staff of Kyle, Steve and I-Tom kept everything on track. Wouldn't you feel safe with these guys?


I have always wanted to have a fish pond and fountain and now I finally have one! These two guys are loving their new home. Any suggestions for fish names? Sushi anyone?


May 24, 2008 Memorial Day Weekend

Happy three day weekend! I hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy some time off and a little R&R. I'm looking forward to sitting on my deck with a nice cold beverage and some BBQ. I'm still recovering from my first yoga retreat that I participated in last weekend so I'm taking it easy.

I did three days of intensive yoga along with some pretty challenging hikes in Idylwild,CA. I'm happy to say I made it through and didn't quit even though I was tempted. I'm posting some pics from that weekend here so I hope you enjoy them. The next few weeks will be busy as I'm gearing up for another "I Can Do it" conference in Las Vegas for Hay House. This year we will have a streaming web cam and will be filming all of our radio panels for production. Lisa, Billie, and Felicia will be attending this year so I hope they're ready for some serious self help overload. I will post after the event to fill you all in on what happened.

Things here have been a little grey lately we've had some bizarre weather in San Diego. Cold and rainy one day boiling hot the next. I'm looking forward to the summer which is awesome. I hope you all enjoy your weekend whatever you do and thanks for stopping by my humble little site.

Here's my friend Sharon and some of our fellow hikers getting ready for our morning meditation peace walk. The weather was beautiful and I have to thank Kelly for the gift of the Camelback which was a lifesave on this trip. The funny thing is Kelly was thinking I would use it for wine which is actually an interesting idea and one I might pursue at another time. This is the beginning of what I would see on the hike. Everybody's back! Yes, I was the last one up the mountain and the last one down. Slow and steady does it!

Here's Sharon who barely broke a sweat on this one!

Here we are at the top of Suicide Hill. The view was amazing and our elevation was about 7000 feet up. As a sea level Florida girl I was gasping for air.

Here's Dana our fearless leader and Jenny resting after making it to the summit.

Some of our fellow hikers resting before we head down and do it all again!

Yes, I took a picture of myself

This is from the top of Suicide Hill on the first hike.

Take the road less traveled..

Deanna and Scott resting. Deanna had the unfortunate job of "sweep". Which means you have to herd the last stragglers up the mountain. Guess who was last?


More of the view I had of everybody's back

This was on the second hike up Devil's Slide. Thank God I had a walking stick. (Thanks to Jill for loaning it to me)

Everybody resting after making it to the top of Devil's Slide.


April 4, 2008

Hello everyone! We have had our first Florida house guests to stay at the Hotel D & B. Amanda and Felicia came by for an action packed week of San Diego sight seeing.

We did it all! The zoo, Sea World, Old Town, The Gaslamp, and Legoland. I had to work so I actually missed Legoland but I heard it was great.

It was wonderful to have them here and a great time was had by all. I am posting some pictures from their whirlwind tour so I hope you enjoy them.

Here's Amanda as we begin our zoo tour.

Of course you have to see the cute baby panda

Here's a great photo op of Amanda being silly

some scary gorillas

Just the look on this mother chimps face says it all!

This is another great one. They are just too human.

The tour continues with a stop at Sea World. This is in front of the penguin encounter which is really cool. The penguins are so cute.

Most of my pictures of Shamu came out as just a splash but here you can actually see the whale tail. Amanda insisted on sitting in the "splash zone". Felicia and I opted to sit a few rows back.

This is at the dolphin feeding pool. They always look like they're smiling.

You can feed these bat rays. Amanda said they feel like jello and I took her word for it.

The shark encounter is pretty cool too. They have a glass tunnel you walk through to see the sharks. Of course trying to take a picture is pretty pointless but I actually got some teeth on this one. Fun was had by all!

Cleo's new thing is that she likes to drink her water from a glass on the night stand. She get's aggravated if her water is not refreshed nightly. It's a cat's world we just live in it! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the pics.



March 1, 2008

Well I'm back! You can't keep a good girl down for long. I am writing a long awaited update. It's been a few months and I have a little bit of news.

We have moved to a new place which is awesome! We are now in Mission Hills with a much bigger set up. A two bedroom, two bath house with a view. We have a great deck that is perfect for BBQ's and cocktails. Not to mention the two bathrooms..if you can survive a small one bedroom, one bath place with someone you can survive anything. I have been getting settled in and slowly but surely the place is coming together. The guest room is set up for anyone who is ready for a visit to San Diego. The weather is finally starting to get warmer and I am looking forward to spring which is right around the corner.

Work and everything is great. I am now writing and producing a new hour long show for the radio network called "Power Thoughts" which is a lot of fun. The XM Satellite deal came through finally after a year and we are now providing more long form programming to them. It's a small step but one which I hope will continue to grow in the future. I am posting a few pics of the new place I hope to see you there!

Here's a view of the master bedroom from one angle

Here's the living room. I love the wood floors.

This is looking out from the kitchen to the porch.

Here's our porch. The view is really great you don't get the full idea from these pictures.

Here's the kitchen. Barry has a gas stove now so he's happy

Here's the view from our deck. On a clear day you can see all the way to Coronado



December 9, 2007

I haven't had the heart to post lately but I thought I would face my fear and get back on the horse. I'm sure all my fans who read the riveting news on this page have been missing me. I want to thank everyone who has been there for me through the past few weeks. Mom lost her battle with cancer on November 1, and it's been quite the adjustment. When I say she left a big void it really is an understatement.

I'm grateful for many things and one of them is that I got to be with her at the end of her fight. I'm glad I didn't have to get a call in the middle of the night and make a long flight knowing I was too late. I know Mom is finally out of pain and I truly believe she is with me in spirit.

In other news I have finally agreed to give up my long held on to single status and join Barry in matrimony. Yes, I am engaged! I thought that day would never happen and I had settled into my single Ramen eating ways quite nicely but when you find a good one you have to hold on to him. In the midst of the roller coaster that has been the past month I'm happy to say things have ended on a good note. I will post further news regarding dates, times and other details of the upcoming event but you can rest assured that there will be NO bachelorette, shower, ugly bridesmaid dresses, or anything else like that inflicted on my close friends.

I am planning on having a bicoastal celebration of some sort with friends and family in Florida and San Diego so I will let you know. I love you all!

Of course a posting wouldn't be complete without some mind numbing family photos of my beautiful nephew Lorenzo, who is the cutest baby in the world. Please enjoy!


Denise and Lorenzo at the beach

cute little guy!



Barry had a birthday back in October and we had a little celebration at our favorite sushi restaurant Ebisu. Fun was had by all and of course there were silly hats! Happy birthday big guy:)

Here's Josh right after gifting Barry with a new cane and some Depends for his birthday. Hilarity ensued!

Barry and Leanne enjoying some sake and presents

Sharon, Kelly, Emily and Chuck joining us in the big celebration

Happy birthday big guy!


September 6, 2007

At 7:55 am today a new little soul entered the world! Lorenzo Charles Laurel made his debut at 9 pounds 2 ounces. Denise had a C-section and is recovering nicely. Carlos is bursting with pride over the new arrival and I can't believe the cutest baby in the world is my little nephew.

I can't wait for him to be old enough to learn how to mix martinis ( Auntie Mame anyone?) He is beautiful and God knows we waited for him for a LONG time! I spent a few days with him and I'm really happy to post the pictures here. I am a proud Auntie!!!

Grandma and little Lorenzo the morning after his birth

Denise thinking "thank God that's over!"

Little Lorenzo!

Carlos the proud Papi

Looking a little rough fresh off the Red Eye flight

What a cutie!

Carlos looking for the instruction manual

yes I took a lot of pictures....

Denise getting the hang of things

Here I am trying another camera angle. He looks cute from all sides!

It's a baby boom! Here's my friend Jennifer Wilde with Brie and Ronnie's little girl Holland. We're setting her up with Lorenzo when they get older. She's just 7 months ahead of him.

Holland and her Mommy Brie

Daddy Ronnie

Lisa and Gianna who will be 1 on September 29th. Unbelievable how everyone is reproducing!

She is a Lisa mini me!

Hey Lisa! Check out the Alfalfa look

We interrupt all these cute baby shots with a few cute animal pics. Here's Big Orange thinking " where's my dinner dammit!"

Life's rough!

Sammy is now Mom's new bodyguard. Look out he's fierce!

Now back to more baby shots!

Awwwww! he's just so damn cute! All right, I guess that's enough for now. I'll be posting more for sure Keep checking back! love ya:)


August 1, 2007

This month was hot as hell! Let's skip it shall we?


July 27,2007

Happy Birthday Mom! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you. I'm still recovering from my last visit for Denise's baby shower. Fun was had by all and I'd like to thank Brie, Annita, Beth and everybody else who helped out with the event. I know you're all bracing yourself for more riveting photos so I won't keep you in suspense.

Little Lorenzo should make his debut into the world on or around September 9th so stay tuned...


Thanks to Brie and Ronnie for the awesome Winnie the Pooh cake. Winnie was packing something under the blanket but I won't show it to you here. It was edible!


Mom and Denise before the big event

Seven months pregnant and still camera ready!

Me and Brie

Denise and the fabulous Winnie the Pooh cake

Check out the Levi's

Denise and Lisa

Baldy power!

Denise and Gabby


July 4, 2007 Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July! Throw a couple of hot dogs on the grill for me. It's been really hot here in SD so I'm blasting my circa 1960 air conditioner.

I had a great birthday weekend recently thanks for all of your birthday cards and wishes. Barry and I went to Santa Barbara for some wine tasting festivities. Did you see the movie "Sideways"? we were right in that area. Lots of incredible wine and food and of course I will post all the pictures here for your enjoyment.

This is the B&B that we stayed at. How cute right? Very small but the grounds were really nice and we had our own jacuzzi.

Here's the main house where you would get breakfast.

Our fellow B&B er's having a scone

Barry next to our jacuzzi. The room had french doors that opened out to the deck so it gave you a little more room.

Why is there a turtle here? We hit downtown Santa Barbara where there are some really great shops and in a courtyard there was a fountain with a bunch of live turtles. So I got my face right in there!

Santa Barbara has some great shopping. This shot is for Lisa and other shopping warriors. Have you ever been souvenir shopping with Lisa? It's an experience!

After exploring Santa Barbara for a little while it was on to the Danish town of Solvang, which has some great wine tasting rooms.

Here's a great windmill shot. Just like you were in Europe right? :)

Now on to the fun stuff! This is at the Buttonwood Winery on the way to Los Olivos. Keep in mind this was after hitting two tasting rooms in Solvang..bring it on!

yes I'm taking the picture myself! Now where's that pinot I wanted to try? If you see anything fom the Buttonwood Winery you should check it out.. Great sauvignon and cabernet.

Pressing on we drove up the road to Los Olivos which has a great tasting room. You can try all these incredible boutique wines that don't have their own tasting rooms. I picked up this really good Syrah that I will be opening up soon. Don't you love the hat? Gotta stay out of the sun these days due to the aforementioned birthday.

here's a shot from the Santa Barbara pier

This was a really pretty park across the street from the beach. Notice the carousel behind me? Let's go in for a closer look..

I really wanted to ride on this but I was the oldest person in a sea of two year olds so I didn't..now I regret it! Ride the carousel embarassment be damned!! Let this be a lesson to you to seize the day.

I just thought the horses were really pretty so here's another picture

I'm sure I said something witty here but I don't remember! A great time was had by all and it was one of the best birthdays I've had in a long time.



June 21, 2007

Happy Summer Solstice!

Happy Birthday to all my June birthday babies! Lisa, Billie, Eddie plus Laura in July and Alisha and Elizabeth in August. Lots of celebrating going on this summer. I will be celebrating my birthday in Santa Barbara this year drinking a lot of wine! I'm looking forward to it to say the least.

I wanted to post this cool link for you to check out courtesy of Colette Baron Reid's talented husband Marc. He put together this Quick Time movie of me interviewing Colette and psychic medium Gordon Smith at our recent Hay House event in Las Vegas. Check it out, it was a lot of fun. I think you have to download Quicktime to check it out.

Colette and Gordon


May 27, 2007 Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Put your hands in the air if you have Monday off! I am still recovering from last week in Las Vegas so I need the downtime. It takes a little longer to recover from these kinds of things than it used to. The Hay House "I Can Do It" conference was a huge success and all our radio panels went off without a hitch. I will post some pictures here. I also got a chance to see Brie and Ronnie on this trip which was a little bonus.

Lori and Kim went along to the self help extravaganza and had a great time. It was a lot of work but so much fun. I love the fact that I get to interview all these really interesting people for a job.

In other exploits...Barry is doing well at Prime Co. and is working hard. We are still looking for a bigger place and hopefully will be moving this summer. The search continues..I really want room for a dog but I just have to wait and see. I'm also looking forward to my trip home in July for Denise's baby shower. I am planning on being there for the birth so I will be in Florida a lot through the end of the year. Weather here in San Diego has been grey lately so I'm looking forward to summer believe it or not. Summers here are like a fall day in Florida minus the humidity.

Thanks for stopping by my little page and I hope you like the pictures.

here's me and my co worker Melissa and her son Austin on the Walk for Literacy, a five mile trudge. I made it the whole way and here is photographic proof.

come on everybody..cocktails this way!

here's the end..thank God!

Barry thinking.." what the hell am I doing here?"

here's the obligatory cute puppy shot..he was on the walk too and I couldn't resist. Look at that face!

my finishing time...pathetic!

you know you're in Vegas when...I wanted to see the Blue Man Group but didn't get a chance this time.

me interviewing Colette Baron Reid and Gordon Smith at the panel

hey that question wasn't that funny! They were hilarious together they should have their own show.

you know you've hit the big time when you get your own poster..

me with Deepak Chopra and Leon Nacson..I'm thinking "what the hell did he just say?"


me with Brie and Ronnie at the Grand Canal shops. They did the past life regression with Dr. Brian Weiss and Ronnie said it was amazing. Here he is still reeling from the experience.

Kim in the presence of Doreen Virtue. We better check her for angel wings!

me and Kim later at Harrah's in some cheesy dueling piano bar. You didn't think it was all work did you? You have to squeeze in some cocktail time!

heading to the Frontier for video poker..my feet gave out shortly after this and I was yelling "taxi!" to go back to the hotel.

here's a cute one of me and Lori

don't you love these drunk shots? hilarious!

me, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Louise Hay, and Summer before their interview

Summer and I laughing it up! This was at V Bar in the Venetian.

Kyle thinking " I wish I would have brought my Roofies for that pack of girls over there...blonde orb brunette".


April 6, 2007 Good Friday

Happy Easter, Passover, and Spring Equinox for you pagans! ( yes, I know a few) I have been embracing the idea of spring renewal by doing a massive clutter clear. I made $150 bucks by selling a bunch of stuff in a garage sale last weekend. Rule of thumb, if you don't love it, lose it! I feel much lighter by unburdening myself of all that extra "stuff". You don't realize how much you hold onto. I urge you to look around and see what stuff you have that is dragging you down and get rid of it. Happy holiday to all my friends and family I love you guys!

This is for Denise who has chosen a "woodland animals" theme for her baby nursery. When we were kids she always loved drawing little bunnies and duckies, that sort of thing. Who can resist a cute little bunny?


Here's another random cute animal picture someone forwarded me in an email. When Denise brought her chihuahua Sammy home he was about this size. He's not much bigger now but he has delusions of grandeur and thinks he's a Doberman.


March 11,2007

I haven't posted in a few months so I thought I would catch up a little. Things have been busy but good. I can't really complain about anything at the moment. So what the hell do I have to post? How about some more annoying trip pictures?

I just got back from Ft. Lauderdale where I helped Denise celebrate the big 40! Pretty freaky when your little sister turns 40 let me tell you. She is great and very happy about her upcoming new addition to the family. (She's pregnant in case anybody didn't hear the news) It was a short trip so I don't have a lot to post but I do have some new pictures to share. My good friend Brie just had a beautiful baby girl, Holland Eve. She is so cute and Brie has her decked out in Grateful Dead onesies. Little Holland will make her debut on my humble web page.

Here's Denise and little Holland at Brie's place. She's getting some practice in.

Denise, Beth, and Brie shopping on Lincoln Road in Miami.

Brie's mom Michelle getting some Grandma duty in

Aren't we cute?

Denise and Brie


January 13, 2007

One of the things I've taken up recently is trying to play golf. When you've stopped laughing check out the following pictures as proof.

I figure that if I start now by the time I'm in my 60's I'll be pretty good.

The pictures are from a recent SFW event where lots of jello shots and beer were consumed on the links. Isn't that how the big boys play?

Here's Terri, Laura and Jamie checking out the golf cart. We played at Mission Bay with a fully stocked cooler

Here's me teeing up! Thanks to Sharon and Jamie for being my golf coaches and apologies to anyone I might have hit with a stray ball. I actually did pretty good for someone who stinks! It's all in fun right? I love any excuse to get outside.

Here's a good one, Lori, Amy, Terri, Laura and Angie

Here's Sharon sinking a putt.

Here's Barry resting during one of our beach hikes. I love hiking at Torrey Pines it's really beautiful and a great workout.

enjoying the sun!


here's the view from the top of one of the hiking trails, it's pretty awesome

random tree shot, ahhh the beauty of nature

trying to be a photographer...


beautiful beach scene near LaJolla


January 4, 2007

Well, here it is! The first entry of 2007. Seeing it in print makes it very real doesn't it? I hope everybody had a great holiday. I went to Florida as usual and spent the holiday with my family. I returned with a hellacious sinus and ear infection but it was worth it. Have you ever been stuck on a plane with a head cold? I thought I would explode like a watermelon. I wanted to tell the stewardess that I was exploding but they would think I was a terrorist. Could you see those headlines? It's bad enough you can't travel with your hair gel but an exploding head would probably get you jail time.

To the people I didn't see this year remember that you can always make your vacation plans for beautiful San Diego anytime. The weather is better anyway. The following is another collection of holiday vacation pics for you to peruse. You have been warned...


Denise, Mom, and Sammy on Christmas morning. I just flew in on the red eye so this picture is not that great

Carlos is thrilled with another shirt. Check out the hair do! Has anyone seen "Eraserhead"?

Do you think I look uncomfortable? You bet! Lisa's beautiful little girl Gianna having her first Christmas.Don't you love when parents put those ridiculous little head bands on? So cute!

Lisa the proud mom!

Billie, Steve and Gianna in Lisa's kitchen. I think Steve wanted a taste of that binky!

The gangs all here! Break out the booze!

I love this picture of Gianna, sometimes you just get lucky with a shot.

Brie and Ronnie at Ice Box on Lincoln Road.

Denise and Brie outside the Colony Theatre. We went to a play that night that was so bad it was hilarious! Most people walked out before the intermission. We ended up ditching the play and just hanging out around Lincoln Road. Very cool place and a lot of fun.


Denise and Gabby at the beach. We got some great weather that day. December was unusually hot this year. We were at Commercial Blvd.


Me and the family on New Years Eve. Sammy is front and center of course


My friends Laura and Ken live here. The noteworthy thing about this seemingly boring picture is that there is an 18 foot crocodile in the water. You can't see it right not but when the sun went down we shined the flashlight into the lake and you could see the red eyes swimming around. Big tropical fun!!


Here's a better picture of the crocodile. How would you like to see that outside your window in the morning? Keep your pets on a leash!


Denise and Joi at Annita's New Years Eve party in Parkland

Denise and Annita enjoying a cocktail..or two

Carlos saying Happy New Year!! woooo hoooo

Happy New Year! Looking forward to 2007


December 9, 2006

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving holiday! I spent mine in Vineland, New Jersey "Meeting The Herzbergs". Barry and I flew into Philadelphia then drove into New Jersey to visit his parents. I would have posted pictures of this momentous event but as I rushed out of the house to catch the plane I forgot the @#$%^& camera!!!

So I guess you'll have to picture a Seinfeld episode from Del Boca Vista to really get the feel of it. Barry made an awesome dinner and we had a great time. His parents are really sweet and funny and Barry's hometown actually has a "Sears Roebuck & Company" store. What a time warp! We also spent a day in Atlantic City and the highlight of that was buying fudge on the boardwalk. We ate turkey and stuffing sandwiches on the plane to avoid having to buy overpriced plane food on the way back.

I am going to Florida for Christmas so I will try to post again before I leave if I have any fun pictures to share. As I look back over this journal at the past year it's really been amazing. I am really looking forward to 2007 and an incredible year ahead.



November 3, 2006

What the hell is happening to 2006? The months are flying by and now the holidays are looming. Don't worry, no Christmas mentions yet on this page. October was busy as hell as Hay House invaded Orlando, Florida for the "I Can Do It" conference. It's a gathering of Hay House authors giving workshops and seminars. Denise and Beth met me in Orlando and attended some of the seminars. I left with them after the conference to head down to Ft. Lauderdale for a few days. I got to spend a lot of time with Mom and she is a fighter. I love you Mom! I'm glad I was able to be useful and help her out.

I got to see one of my best friends new baby, Gianna. Lisa looks awesome and is so excited about being a new mom. Damn! Wasn't it just a few years ago that we were hanging out in Melrose Park causing trouble or heading to the beach? These days I'm a little afraid to put on a bikini!

I have been lax in my posting duties so I'm catching up now with some thrilling highlights from the month of October. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Happy Halloween! I used to really enjoy Halloween and it somehow slipped by me this year. This is my friend Matt's pumpkin. We got a chance to connect in Orlando and I'm happy to see that he is doing well and looking fabulous for an old hag!



Matt and Robert, Bride of Zombie!


Just like the good old days! Give us a few cocktails and look out:)


Here I am at the NAB Radio Show 2006 in Dallas, TX. This actually happened in September so I'm bringing you up to speed. Summer and I were pushing HayHouseRadio.com content to prospective networks. Lot's of shmoozing was done and great contacts were made. I have to say working a convention is not as much fun as just attending one. Ahh, the good old days when I would just go to the cocktail parties and dinners. It went really well and keep your eye out for our little network in the coming year. Look out Oprah!


Here's some pics from the recent "I Can Do It" conference in Orlando. We broadcast all three days with fabulous guests like Sylvia Browne, Wayne Dyer, and Suze Orman.



Kyle and Sonny keeping the broadcast under control and surfing porn at the same time! I told you these guys were good.



Denise with Immaculee Illibigiza after her seminar. "Left to Tell" is an awesome read if you don't have it, I'll get it for you.


October also featured a meeting of the SFW's. The Sandbaggin' F'in Winos! It's a very exclusive club that gathers to discuss world events and politics.... come on you weren't buying that right?Each month or so we gather to do some fun event that usually involves an alcoholic beverage or two. This time we went sailing around San Diego Bay and out by Coronado. The weather was awesome and no one got seasick. Here's our fearless Captain of the day Sharon telling us to swab the deck and keep the beer coming!




yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me! From L to R Laura in red, Angie, me, Sharon, Kathleen, Kim, Amy and Terrible Terri of the High Seas



here's Terri channeling Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. Where the hell was Johnny anyway?


October 1, 2006

September ended with an awesome party at the Four Seasons in Carlsbad to celebrate Louise Hay's 80th birthday. All the Hay House authors turned out and it was great to meet people face to face. I am excited about the opportunities coming up this year to really expand HayHouseRadio.com and make us a media powerhouse. That's the plan anyway....the following are pictures from the party enjoy!

Here's me and our fearless leader Louise Hay

Dawn Breslin an incredible Life Coach from Scotland. She has the most amazing voice. If you're wondering where Barry is he was my photographer for the evening

with the Father of Self Help Dr. Wayne Dyer . He's the Rock Star of HayHouseRadio.com!

here's Immaculee Illibagiza author of "Left to Tell". If you haven't read this book yet ask me for a copy it's required reading.

here's Denise Linn who is one of our newest additions to HayHouseRadio.com. She is just amazing! Read "Soul Coaching"..available at HayHouse.com of course

here's one of my co workers Donna Abate who is our Newsletter Editor and all around Sylvia Browne expert. Unfortunately no elephant ears or turkey legs were served at the party..Donna was very disappointed ( inside joke, sorry)

one of my favorite people Colette Baron Reid. She is an amazing intuitive and she gave Eddie a reading on her show. Mark my words she will be the next Howard Stern of psychics! Come to think of it...the only Howard Stern of psychics!

here's Dr. Eve Wood and her husband Rick. I get to co- host with Eve during her show and I love it! Listen in every Tuesday at 3pm "Healing your Body, Mind and Spirit"

Doreen Virtue another HayHouseRadio.com Rock Star! Some of you have received Doreen's Angel Card decks from me and I've gotten great reports back from people who use them.

here's Barry ( who actually gave someone else the camera!) with the wonderful Carol Ritberger!

the incredible John Holland!

the brilliant Candace Pert! there was a lot of brain power in the room that night


September 15, 2006

It's been a busy month so I have been lax in updating this page. Work has been great and our little network at HayHouseRadio.com really is growing. We have added new shows and dropped a few other ones and I'm getting ready to head to Dallas to pitch what were doing at the NAB Radio Show. I'm excited about the opportunities in what we're doing and the future of radio really is on the web. Remember to check us out for some feel good radio. Anyway..enough about work I just wanted to post the update.

This month has also been a first in that my brother Eddie came to San Diego for the first time. It was nice being able to spend some time with him and do all the tourist stuff here in town. We had some awesome weather over the weekend and Eddie fell in love with the lack of humidity.

We got to do one of my favorite things which is the kayak trip in LaJolla Cove. It's really cool to be able to see the seals and leopard sharks in their natural habitat. If any of you come out to visit we will definitely do it. Providing it's not too cold of course!! For friends and family checking out my humble little page here are some more pictures from Eddie's visit. Enjoy!!



Here's Eddie in LaJolla Cove after our kayak adventure.

This is a seal on the beach blending in with the rock. Eddie tried to get close to take a picture but there is a seal nazi that chases people away. They should just have a barrier set up so people can take pictures but it's an ongoing battle.

Aren't we cute?

We spent an afternoon in Temecula doing some wine tasting. Here's a shot from one of the wineries.

I thought this was a good one. I forget the name of the winery I think it was Mt. Palomar.

during the tasting Eddie stood firm..he was not going to drink any GODDAMN MERLOT!!

Eddie and Barry enjoying a taste. Fun was had by all!

Eddie took this cool shot of the grapes so I thought I would throw it up here.

Rub a bald head for luck!

Here's some koi fish from the Swami Meditation Garden in Encinitas. I always like to take people there.

One of my dreams is to have a garden like this. I would never leave the house.

Eddie took the camera to the zoo and came back with some cool shots. I'm posting a few of them here.

great Panda shot

this is from the new "Land of the Lost" exhibit...I actually don't know what the hell that is!


another cute Panda shot!


good eye on this shot!


Of course Eddie hit Balboa Park...he did the whole tourist thing!


San Diego drink it in.....it always goes down smooth ( Eddie quoting Ron Burgundy in "Anchorman")


August 4, 2006

It's definitely the dog days of summer! Everybody I know is sweltering and my electric bill has reached an all time high. My circa 1960 air conditioner is running at full capacity. At least I have air! As amazing as it sounds a lot of people in San Diego don't have AC. I just got back from a short trip to FL for my Mom's birthday. We had a "surprise" lunch for her at the Sea Watch. She knew something was up but I think we did a good job of keeping it underwraps.

As always, every time I get back to FL there are a million people to try to see in a short amount of time. I will be back soon so if I couldn't see you this time I'm sure I will the next. I have been averaging a trip back every few months so I'm racking up the frequent flyer miles. You know, you people could come out to SD sometime! The weather is better here trust me. Don't worry, I like being bi-coastal it makes life interesting. Check out the following pics and I will post again soon.

Here's everyone at the Sea Watch. The grouper was fabulous. Thanks to everyone who came and helped make the day special for Mom she really appreciated it. I won't post birthday age online.

Denise and Beth camera ready!

Cindy and I enjoying a cool refreshing beverage. She always looks good in pictures!

Mom saying " oh you shouldn't have, but I like cake!"

It's nice to see a smile on Mom's face. Happy Birthday!

wait a minute..somebody grab that check!

Cindy and Lucy having fun

Cindy, Betty, Lucy, Mom and Peggy

Sammy begging Cheetos from Samantha

and here comes Little Richie! look out

Little Richie and Sammy getting to know each other..Sammy looks unsure about this!

come on guys...let me out!

wait a minute..there's something wrong here! I rule the roost!

Free at last! how about a kiss?

typical afternoon at Denise's house

Now this is how you're supposed to spend the day, hanging out in the jacuzzi. Beth and I enjoying the sun.

Here's Lisa 8 weeks away from being a proud mom! I know she will kill me for posting this but doesn't she look cute?

me and the girls together again! It was Felicia's daughter Amanda's 9th birthday. Here we are hanging out at the party. Thanks to Billie for chauffering me around that day:) Great punch Felicia!




July 4, 2006

Happy 4th of July everybody! I was lucky enough over the 4th to have a few days off of work so Barry and I went to Arizona to visit Wendy and the kids. We stayed in Jerome which is one of my favorite places in AZ and we spent some time in Sedona which is really beautiful. If you're wondering why Arizona in July, it's because Hell was already booked!

Seriously, it was hot but not too bad. We went hiking in the Red Rocks park and stayed in the Grand Hotel in Jerome. The hotel used to be a hospital back in the mining days and it's supposed to be haunted. People have said you can hear moans from the former patients and gurneys rolling down the hall. I was disappointed in the ghost department but I guess you can't make them show up on demand.

I have been going to Jerome for years and I'm happy to say it still is as funky as ever. They have tried to rebuild some of the historic buildings and keep the charm of the place. I hope to never see a Starbucks or a Hard Rock there! It would be ruined just like they ruined Key West.

Back to work on Wednesday and I'll let you know if anything exciting comes up. Thanks for checking into my page! Be warned..more vacation pictures on the way...


It's about 6 and 1/2 hours from San Diego to Northern Arizona. This is the view I had in the car. ( ha, ha!)

Barry did a great job driving. I napped most of the way.


Here's the hotel where we stayed. It looks like Norman Bates should be there too! They had a great wine bar and a crazy elevator circa 1929.

Downtown Jerome and The Spirit Room


It was great to see Wendy, Keenan, and Lucy. You know you're getting old when kids you remember in diapers now have beards! Everybody was healthy and happy and I hope to get out again soon and spend some more time there. I love you guys:)

Here's the hallway at the Grand Hotel in Jerome. The floor we stayed on was the former "Black Lung" floor when it was a hospital. I was trying to maybe get a picture of a ghost when they weren't looking. No such luck!

Here's one of the hiking trails at the Red Rocks Park in Sedona. It's really beautiful and very relaxing.

Hiking in Red Rocks Park

A day of hiking wouldn't be complete without wine afterward! Actually, most days wouldn't be complete without wine:) This is at the Jerome Winery which is fairly new to town but a welcome addition.


June 27, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me! I haven't posted for June yet so I might as well post on the day I was born. I won't put the number down because to see it in print is a little surreal. Happy Birthday to fellow Cancer Billie Jean who will hit it on the 29th. This month flew by and I am now looking at the July 4th weekend ( which is really a continuation of this year's birthday festivities). This month Denise and Carlos flew in for a few days and we went to Idylwild and rented this cool cabin. They had never been there so it was a lot of fun. Check out the pics! I got a new digital camera for my birthday so I should be able to post lots more pictures.

Here we are enjoying some cool refreshing ice after a hike. We also looked in every shop because you can't have enough candles!

Here's Denise posing in front of the main attraction in Idylwild. A giant totem pole! What a bunch of tourists we are.

This thing was big!


Here's Denise and Carlos during our hike. Don't they look outdoorsy?

This is near the cabin that we rented. It's so beautiful there!

Here's a landscape shot taken during our hike. I'm experimenting with the digital camera.

Here's a cute picture of Cleo curled up in her favorite position. She's going on her 17th year which is pretty old for a cat.


May 13, 2006

I'm finally getting around to posting for May. I have been really busy at HayHouseRadio.com and so far things have been going great! I'm looking forward to some really big things happening and I don't want to say anything yet but it will be awesome! I'll keep you posted.

I have been trying to get out and do some hiking whenever I can and I just went to Torry Pines near La Jolla this weekend. What an incredible view. My friend Elizabeth came down for a visit and we got out to get some exersize. You've got to work off all that beer and tequila! Some people are just bad influences:) It was a beautiful day after a solid week of grey sky so I really enjoyed it.

Here's the view from the top!


Remember to stop and smell the flowers..in this case a bee almost flew up my nose! So much for the "art shot"


Spring has sprung! My favorite time of year

Not quite Mt. Everest..ok, that's enough exersize! Now for the margarita at Las Olas Mexican

April 8, 2006

April has definitely been an incredible month so far! I just got back from Denise's wedding and it was an awesome experience. The event was at the Rusty Pelican in Key Biscayne and Denise was a beautiful bride. Carlos looked pretty good too:) It's great to add him to the family as well as Gabby. I was teasing her that Denise is now the wicked stepmother. My mother gave away the beautiful bride and lots of food and drink were consumed. It was a really pretty view looking out to the bay as they exchanged their vows.

I believe the fact that I caught the bouquet ( actually it was hurled at me) and Barry caught the garter was a conspiracy. I want to thank Brie and Ronnie for helping my sister put this together and for hooking us up at the Hard Rock for the bachelorette party. The following are pictures from the wedding and feel free to copy them if you were there and want to have some for your own collection. I wish I had some more because there were so many great people at the wedding. I guess we'll have to wait for the professional shots. Enjoy!!

Denise getting ready before the big event


My mother's lunatic beagle Snoopy.. ( don't let him get a hold of you with his paws he's strong!)



Here's Carlo's daughter Gabby and myself before the wedding. Don't we look cute in our matching dresses?

Here's the wedding party getting ready for the limo ride.



Denise, Joi, Beth and Annita


Is that a look of terror?


Here's me with really flat hair!! Barry on the other hand has no hair:)


Denise and Annita looking beautiful


Mom and Denise sharing a moment


In the limo swigging champagne


Denise and Lisa



Mom thinking " what about this one?... for God's sake always a bridesmaid!!"



I'm relieved to say no one had to do the "electric slide" , "macarena", or any other ridiculous dance that you're made to do at weddings. There were possibly a few people doing the funky chicken but I can't be sure... Beth should consider a career as a wedding planner.

March 20, 2006

March is moving along at a fast pace! I want to say Happy Birthday ( March 6) to my sister Denise who turned...wait a minute if she's that old that must make me...just forget it! Time is flying by and I have been busier than ever at HayHouseRadio.com. Check out the Tuesday, March 21st broadcast "Dr. Wayne Dyer's Inspiration" I will be his co- host for the show. I'm doing it on a temporary basis while Summer McStravick is on maternity leave. I'm looking forward to being on the air again even if it's in a small role. I guess it's always in your blood when you're an old radio chick like me! If you want to hear the broadcast it's on at 11am PT , 2pm EST or you can hear an archived show from the web site www.hayhouseradio.com .

Weather in Southern California is bizarre especially in the winter time. This past weekend Barry and I drove up to Julian to see some snow. The beauty of being here is that you can visit winter and when you're sick of it just head home! The traffic got a little crazy so we just got our apple pie and left. It was worth it to get some cool pics, check them out..

We pulled over before we got close to town to take some pictures. Conveniently, there was a porta potty just to the right of this fence. That's a look of relief folks!

Sledding Julian style


Now things are really getting cold! It was starting to snow right about now. Where are a pair of ski's when you need them? Screw this, let's go get a hot toddy and some apple pie!


I come home ready for a nap and this is what I see!


After a brief shoving session, Cleo realized who was the boss and let me in. Jeez, you turn your back for a minute and they just take over!


February 15, 2006

Good news, I have started a new job!. I have accepted a position with Hay House Radio.com as a producer. I will be working with a number of talk show hosts helping them put their shows together. I'll also be doing production, and voice over work. It's an incredible opportunity to stay in my field yet learn something completely different. The programming is also being distributed to Sirius Lime channel for those of you with satellite radio. Thanks to Summer McStravick for giving me a chance I'm really excited!

Please check out the programming at www.hayhouseradio.com  it's all self help, inspirational, and health based. There is a lot of great information and I encourage you to check out some of the hosts. This is only going to get bigger and I'm really happy to be a part of it. I'm living proof if you hang in there and believe in yourself good things can happen. 2005 was a lousy year for a lot of people I believe this is only the beginning of a great 2006. Plus it's an even number I think that's a good sign. I want to thank all my friends here in San Diego and back home in Ft. Lauderdale for being there when I needed them. My sister Denise for being my biggest coach and cheerleader you are the best!!!  By the way, Denise is walking down the aisle on April 8th with Carlos. I will see everybody at the wedding! Congratulations to Lisa and Gerry who will be new parents this year. I'm so happy for you! All that sex paid off:) It's really nice to be able to log some great news.


This is one of the authors that has a call in show on Hay House Radio.com. If you're into angel readings check out Doreen Virtue.



Here's another picture of Barry which I think is much better than the other one. He's arriving at one of my friend Kelly's party's with reinforcements. He has been a great support and is the kindest person in the world. You can tell he's growing on me.



January 10, 2006

Hello again! I usually don't post twice in one month but the Florida vacation pics got such a great response I thought I would post more. This is getting addicting for me and I'm sure mind numbingly boring for the rest of you surfing around out there.

I just got back from a long weekend in one of my favorite cities, San Francisco. This time I did all the touristy stuff. Cable car, walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, etc.. enjoy the pics! P.S. you will get to meet Barry by popular demand.

We stayed at the Westin on Powell and rode this cable car to Fisherman's Wharf along with the rest of the tourists.

Here's Barry and I before we walked across Golden Gate. We then cabbed it to Sausalito and grabbed a few cocktails. What an awesome part of the country.


Here is an option if my career doesn't take off! It's always good to have the suicide hotline number. Just a fleeting thought. ( I'm kidding of course)


Everyone should do the Alcatraz tour. The ultimate SF tourist thing to do. Since I was a big fan of the prison show 'Oz" on HBO I particularly enjoyed it. But then that is a dark side of me I won't go into...


Cell block C and D..I was freezing my ass off by the way.


When the lights go down in the city...and the sun shines on the bay...I'll let you Journey fans figure out the rest! Until next time...


January 1, 2006

Welcome to the first new entry of 2006! I am recovering from a slight hangover from the New Year's festivities which were spent in Dublin Square in the Gaslamp. My friend Elizabeth was there for the celebration as she wisely chose to head to San Diego and get out of LA for a few days. Many libations were consumed and some nefarious goings on with a young sailor from the Nimitz were part of the nights adventures. I'd have to explain more detail in person as I wish to keep the name's of all parties anonymous. Suffice to say a great time was had by all and I hope your new year got off to as good of a start as mine!

I spent a great Christmas holiday in Fort Lauderdale with my family and got to see a lot of my good friends. Thanks to everyone who attended the Holiday Shindig at Denise's house it was awesome to see Jodi, Laura, Ken, Billie, Steve, Brie, Jennifer, Boomer, Joi, Ronnie, Felicia etc... too many wonderful people to mention. My mother is doing well for people who have asked and she appreciates all your good wishes as she continues her cancer fight.

The following are pictures taken during my trip home and anyone who is bored with vacation shots..well, you've been warned!

Yes, he exists! As elusive as Bigfoot..here is my brother Eddie making fun of my cleavage.


Boomer and Brie feeling festive.


Denise and Mom on Christmas day. I love you both!!

He's big..he's fat..he's Big Orange!  Also known as Garfield. Looking for his next meal no doubt.

For God's sake! I've been trying to escape this lunatic with the digital camera and she follows me under the bed!  In the name of all that is holy..just leave me ALONE!!!

Sammy tries to hide...

Felicia, myself and the web wizard himself Jeff Renza!! Pigging out on sushi at Su Shin in Sunrise. Mass amounts of sake consumed by all and a few Melanie rolls..damn those were good!

Denise, Beth and her daughter Samantha and I enjoying the awesome weather in Deerfield Beach.

Here they are the Four Musketeers!! Yours truly, Billie, Lisa ( fresh off the plane from Baltimore) and Felicia doing what we do best at the Davie Ale House. I think we're holding up nicely for a bunch of broads! It's a blessing to have great friends in your life and we have basically grown up together. Go Nova Titans!! From high school, to marriage, divorce, boyfriends, and everything in between it's nice to have friends you can count on.

I hope you get a kick out of the pics.

December 5


Happy Holidays everyone!! also Happy Hanukah, Kwanza, Ramadan, and any other I might have left out:)

I just wanted to take a minute and update you on the latest. I am counting the days until Christmas and I am actually looking forward to it this year! I will be in Florida for the holidays from the 22nd until the 29th and I hope to get a chance to see all my old buds. It's been quite a year and we have a lot to go over. I am positive about 2006 and I am welcoming new changes.

I have started to work with a custom home building company on a temporary basis called UBuildit. It's been pretty great so far and hassle free which is what I was looking for. Thanks to Josh and Barry for helping me out with this. I am trying to learn a little more about real estate and the home building business which should be interesting. Maybe you can teach an old DJ new tricks!

I am still keeping my gig at KPBS and I believe I will be hosting Morning Edition again when I get back from Florida. It's been a weird year for radio and I am glad to be working with the nice people at KPBS and NPR. A big difference from the commercial side that's for sure. I have to admit I do still miss my old rock radio days. One stands out for sure..morning show in Jacksonville ( Lex and Terry) one day we had Bill Murray and his brothers come in as a guest. Some guy from a wild cat preserve brought in a tiger, and a stripper lit birthday candles on her breasts for Bill Murray's brother to blow out. You just don't have that happen at a regular 9 to 5!

Here's me selling my wonderful gourmet soy candles at St. Catherine's Catholic Church in November. Who knew so many church ladies like to burn candles? I made almost $300 bucks that weekend and had all the bake sale samples I could stand. I also got a pancake breakfast on Sunday. I'm such the entrepreneur! I hope to do some more craft shows in the new year check out the line Scent-Sations, Inc. - Mia Bella Gourmet Candles, Bella Bars, Candle of the Month Club   they really do smell great and last forever.



November 1

October ended on a really sad note. I had to put my cat and traveling companion of 13 years to sleep. Tony found me when I was doing overnights at WSHE in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and stuck by me through a cross country move, new jobs, and other assorted confusion.  He went with me to Austin, TX, Atlanta, GA, Jacksonville, FL and San Diego, CA. He was always there for me and he was the most successful relationship I have had with any male of any species! ( how sad is that?)  It broke my heart to have to do it and anyone who has gone through a similar situation can relate. He was well loved and had the best personality of any cat. I'll miss you Tony!!! Scroll down to see his picture.  Thanks to Dr. Roper at the Bay Park Animal Clinic and the staff at the Animal ER in Kearny Mesa for doing their best. An extra special thank you to Barry who held my hand and watched me cry like a baby. I couldn't have done it without you. You are the best xoxo!!!!.. .Hopefully this month will take a better turn.

My new venture for the holidays is beginning. I am going to be selling these natural soy vegetable blend candles. I am also selling handmade bath bombs that are awesome. This is my first foray into sales but I hope to make some money for the holidays. I am doing my first craft show November 11-12 at St. Catherine of Boure Church here in San Diego. They are having a craft fair and I'm going to try my luck.  I'll let you know how it goes.... here's the link to my web site for the candles. They really are great and many of you will receive one for the holidays so be prepared!  Mia Bella Gourmet Soy Candles

I want to wish all my friends and family a very Happy Thanksgiving!



October 1

Where has the year gone? With the holidays looming I have been trying to stash and save like an industrious squirrel. I am planning on heading home to Ft. Lauderdale and spend Christmas with my family so I'm trying to get ahead. Lots to celebrate this year as Mom is doing much better and Denise is engaged! Guess who is going to be the old maid, crazy cat lady? I'm really happy for her and Carlos as he finally got it together and realized what a great girl my sister is!

( of course I'm biased!) I can't wait to see the ring when I get home.


Thanks to Ross Hendler at Raw Productions for hooking me up with the voice over work this month. I now know how to perform orthoscopic surgery in several easy steps! Stay tuned for the work along DVD. Amazing what you can pronounce when pressed. I have also been helping out over at KPBS this month recording tracks for NPR programming. Pledge season is coming up so I'll probably be seen over there more often.

I have also started another venture with Market Development Company out of New York. I have been working for Virgin Records doing merchandising for a new teen artist named Hope Partlow. Basically I go to retail stores and put up displays and work with the stores on give aways. It's my first project with this company so we'll see how it goes. Do the hustle baby!! A girl's gotta eat right? That's all for now folks....I'll write again soon.



No, I cannot do this! This is David Swenson an Ashtanga yoga instructor. I have been studying from his book and he is pretty amazing. I can only aspire to something close. I have been taking ashtanga class from a great teacher here in San Diego her name is Dana Rae Pare'. She is also originally from Florida and her classes have been really helpful in managing stress and getting stronger. Check out her web site  www.infiniteyoga.com  




September 1

Hard to believe that it's already September! I am wrapping up the Morning Edition duties at KPBS and getting some sleep. Thanks to John Decker , Maureen, Bud, Brad, and the gang for being so great.

I will be doing some other shifts so stay tuned. My VO work has been going pretty good I am staying busy and that's all you can ask for right??

Here's a picture of Tony DePasquale , I just thought I would throw that in. People without kids have pets and we bore our friends with stupid anecdotes about their hilarious behavior. Sad isn't it? and for the people who remember Cleo the Evil One she still exists.

Yeah, she looks pretty mean. She probably wants to hurl herself at someone right now and scratch their eyes out. Rotten fur bags!!! But you gotta love them right?? Don't worry, she hates everyone.

Hopefully these meaningless pictures can take your mind off the horrible tragedy that is unfolding in New Orleans as we speak. I have been listening to the NPR coverage every morning and it makes me sick. I am so saddened and sorry for those people experiencing it. Where the hell is the relief? I have been reading some blogs from people who are there and it's incredible. One person described it as a war zone and compared it to Mogadishu. Truly horrifying!! Until next time...



Thank God we don't have to worry about another four years!

August, 2005

Well, here it is! I finally got my new and improved web site up and running (thank you Jeff Renza, web wizard extraordinaire for putting up with my ranting...I'm not the most patient person and I'm easily frustrated!)  This page is for friends and family and anyone else who wants to know what I'm up to these days. I have been doing Morning Edition for the past few months for the great folks at KPBS. I hope you all are NPR listeners. If not, tune in you may learn something. Heard here locally in San Diego on 89.5FM. The hours are brutal but the people are great. Bedtime these days is 9pm!

I am also doing some VO work for medical animation companies here in SD.Lots of biotech out here and I have been able to pronounce some big words! It's something I hope to do more of and maybe make a little niche for myself. Weather here lately has been awesome I have been trying to get out and enjoy it when not sleeping. High today of 75 and no humidity!!! yeah, you gotta love it.

Have you checked out "The Office" with Steve Carell on NBC? Hysterically funny if you have ever worked in that situation with an idiot boss. I loved the episode where Dwight does the company's new insurance plan! Count Choculitis as a new disease is great!! Not to mention anal fissures....I will post again after the end of "Six Feet Under" when I stop crying...best show on television and my dream job is to be a writer or producer for any HBO Original Programming. Looking forward to Deadwood too...talk to you later!


Elizabeth and I am hiking in Idyllwyld, CA..don't we look woodsy?



Jodi and I with Stevie Nicks after the show in Ft. Lauderdale in July.You know you're in radio when you have a bunch of pictures with celebrities and they have no idea who you are ! Thanks to my friend

Brie Miller for the hook up.



© 2005 Diane Ray
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